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0 Florida’s No-Fault Law Set For Big Changes

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Florida’s No-Fault Law Set For Big Changes

The State of Florida is considering making changes to Florida’s car insurance laws that would change the PIP mandate and require drivers to carry bodily injury coverage instead.   The current PIP mandate requires everyone to have their own insurance for most of their own medical bills, no matter who is at fault.  The likelihood is that the PIP mandate will be replaced with a requirement that drivers carry bodily injury liability insurance to cover the bodily injuries of any motorist they injure as a result of a car crash that is due to their fault.

Senators have been discussing this and are in favor of abandoning PIP, but only if it will lower the premiums that motorists are currently paying.  Studies show that motorists could save $81 per year in the event that PIP is extinguished and no longer required.

The entire article can be found here.  For more information on auto accidents please see RobertGluck.com and learn about what your rights are when involved in an automobile collision.