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0 Marchman Act Saves Lives; Can Turn People For the Better

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There’s an important topic to include in the discussion of how to help a drug addict. It is not widely used, but is becoming more common in the mental health and substance abuse counseling and program management work. The topic is the Marchman Act. It’s saved lives.

Under the Marchman Act, named after the late Rev. Hal Marchman, of Daytona Beach, a single relative or guardian, or three friends, can petition the court to order an involuntary assessment of an alcoholic or drug abuser deemed in their good faith judgment to be in danger for their life and health.

The person or persons can go to the County Courthouse and fill out the paperwork. The judge will review it, and if it’s found worthy, issue an order for an involuntary assessment.

If the assessment shows the person to be in need of treatment to protect their life and health, they will be adjudicated to mandatory treatment which can last up to 60 days. The act applies both to juveniles and to adults. If the person violates the judge’s court order, they can be incarcerated. Virtually all persons comply with the judge's order.

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