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Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are among some of the most painful and debilitating long-term injuries and the importance of having an experienced and proven Burn Injuries Attorney on your side after an accident can’t be overstated. Around 4,500 Americans die each year due to some type of burn related injury or incident. Additionally, more than one million people suffer from burn injuries all over the nation every year. About a half a million people are admitted to emergency room departments, and an additional 45,000 people are admitted to a hospital for some type of burn related treatment.

Depending upon the circumstances, a variety of different types of burns can result in personal injury claims. Your attorney will need to investigate the location, equipment involved and other variables associated with your particular burn injury case. It will be necessary to determine the exact source of the fire, chemical or steam that caused the burn. Your Burn Injury attorney will need to stay abreast of any investigative details from the arson investigators, fire officials and other fire investigative authorities.

After obtaining the best medical care possible for your burn injury, your next priority should be to get in touch with a skilled and experienced Burn Injuries Attorney. Your attorney needs to assist you in choosing the right treating doctors and should know how important it is to have more than one specialist evaluating the injury. In many cases, it is necessary to see a plastic surgeon, among other specialists. Getting an accurate assessment of the injury and costs associated with future revisions or other future anticipated medical care is critical. Your Burn Injuries Attorney will also have to help place a monetary value on your permanent pain and suffering, scarring and/or disfigurement. This is generally the largest area of damages in these cases and the most difficult to quantify with a dollar value.

The value depends on the part of the body burned, if it is visible at conversational distance, is it on a man or a woman, etc. The value is very subjective in many instances and it is very difficult to predict what value a jury will place on a particular burn injury case.

Some additional types of damages in these cases often include past and future medical/surgical expenses for future care and revisions as well as any lost wages in the past and future. Regarding wage loss, sometimes the type of job you have significantly changes the lost earning capacity claim. For example, a burn on the face of a female cheerleader is quite different than a burn on the rear end of a 68 year old man.

Depending upon the severity of your burn injury, you could be dealing with multiple specialists and coordinating care from different doctors, specialists and other medical professionals in different hospitals and medical centers. Your lawyer can ensure that all the appropriate specialists are involved and all care is properly documented, from early prognosis to recovery.

It may be necessary to file a products liability claim if you or your family member suffered a burn injury associated with a defective product. If you were burned on someone else’s property and that person failed to act reasonably, resulting in your burn, you could have a case involving a general negligence claim.

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