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The cruise ship industry is a huge part of Florida’s tourism economy. As a result, thousands of people every month depart on their dream vacation from our ports. Unfortunately, not every vacation is fun and safe, and cruise ship accidents can leave a victim’s life forever changed. If you or a loved one was injured on a cruise ship, you will likely have damages including medical bills and lost wages, just to name a few. It is at this point that you need an experienced Cruise Ship Accidents Attorney who will help you deal with the phone calls and letters you will begin to receive from various parties including insurance agents, claims adjusters, the cruise ship company, hospital collection agencies, doctors offices, law enforcement officers or a variety of other parties.

Let an experienced personal injury attorney who concentrates on Cruise Ship Accidents handle the details, while you focus on feeling better and getting back to your normal life. As your lawyer, I will personally investigate your claim, review the medical records and negotiate directly with the representative of the Cruise Line assigned to your claim.

Many cruise ship injuries involve cases of slip and fall, defective equipment, poor access or visibility, unprepared food or other types of negligence. This is when you need an experienced cruise ship accident attorney to investigate. There are also complicated points of law, which your attorney needs to be able to manage competently and successfully.

Whether your case involves an intentional act, negligence, recklessness or some other type of improper conduct, a cruise ship accident attorney can be your advocate and help you to recover the compensation you deserve.

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