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Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle riders continue to be one of the most vulnerable groups of roadway users. Even seemingly minor motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic or worse for riders. Injury cases involving motorcycle accidents are typically much more complicated than traditional automobile accident cases. Unfortunately, many people still hold incorrect and dangerous assumptions and stereotypes about motorcycle riders. Although we’ve been programmed to think motorcycle riders are risk seekers or that they’re living on the edge and weaving in and out of traffic as a general habit, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, nobody is more acutely aware of motorcycle and roadway safety than a motorcycle rider. Motorcyclists have to ride defensively on a daily basis to avoid distracted and dangerous drivers. Having the right Motorcycle Accident Attorney who understands these issues is critical.

Since motorcycles are smaller than other cars and light trucks on the road, drivers are much more likely to miscalculate distance. Misjudging distance can have deadly consequences for riders. These types of accidents occur when drivers pull out directly in front of motorcycles or cut them off in traffic. Motorcycle riders also need additional time and distance to maneuver or stop in the event of a roadway emergency. Since they don’t have the added protection of seat belts, safety cages and air bags, even a seemingly minor crash at a relatively low speed can be devastating or deadly for a motorcycle rider.

An experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney will need to do a thorough investigation to protect your rights.  Robert Gluck has been representing injured motorcycle riders since 1989. He understands just how dangerous the roadways are for motorcyclists. Since these cases are time sensitive, the sooner you speak with a lawyer, the better.

Your experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney can coordinate a thorough investigative effort to ensure the proper outcome for your case. This investigative effort might include locating witnesses, obtaining witness statements, securing and preserving video surveillance, taking photographs at the scene, inspecting the scene and observing and documenting the scene for any additional road debris, skid marks or property damage. Photographs, documentation and evidence collection are all necessary aspects of evidence preservation and having the right Motorcycle Accident Attorney can insure that this is taking place.

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