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Need a Trip and Fall Lawyer in South Florida that you can trust with your case? Look no further than Robert E. Gluck, who has been a lawyer since 1989 and has assisted countless of clients since then. If you were injured in a trip and fall incident it is imperative that you contact Robert E. Gluck as soon as possible to assist you with your case.

Your Trip and Fall Lawyer in South Florida, Robert E. Gluck will have to prove negligence before he can launch a full investigation into your case. Robert E. Gluck will prove negligence and will start a complete investigation of your accident. He will provide you with powerful representation and legal guidance from the beginning of the case until it closes.

Hiring a Trip and Fall Lawyer in South Florida can greatly impact the outcome of your case. Studies show when an injured person is legally represented the chances of winning the case are much higher. Robert E. Gluck will fight aggressively for your legal rights and will do everything possible to get you the highest settlement he can.

With a Trip and Fall Lawyer in South Florida such as Robert E. Gluck you will be at a great advantage and much more likely to win a settlement. Robert E. Gluck will visit the scene of your accident to gather evidence and take pictures. He will secure video footage, speak to your witnesses, and obtain their witness statements to build a powerful case on your behalf.

There are never fees owed to the lawyer by a client in these types of cases unless the client wins and recovers money damages. A client will typically pay the exact same lawyer’s fee (1/3 of the settlement) no matter how many years of experience their lawyer has and of course, hiring a lawyer with the most experience possible is always wise.

As long as an attorney can recover for a client’s injuries at least 1/3 more in money damages than they would be able to recover on their own, it is definitely worth having a lawyer on their side. Don’t forget that the insurance companies have one on their side before an injured person even thinks about contacting a lawyer.

Robert Gluck, from the Law Offices of Robert E. Gluck, P.A. has been an Accident Attorney / Personal Injury Attorney throughout Florida since 1989. Over the past thirty plus years, Robert has helped thousands of injured Floridians get the financial compensation they deserve.

Your Personal Injury case receives personal attention at the Law Offices of Robert E. Gluck, P.A. as all clients receive Robert’s personal cell phone number so they can reach their attorney 24 hours a day if necessary.

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